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Our Services & Results

Faye Hill & Associates measures its success on the basis of our trainee's adaptability, application implementation, and client's individual practice consistencies. We set the bar for our company standards of rendering professional training and consulting services at an extremely high level. We can confidently assure the effects of positive and productive results.


When our valuable clients can personally experience the quality of service we provide, they are able to witness the value of superior customer experience. We implement customer satisfaction practices that are designed to influence our clients to take their own organizations and businesses to higher levels of parishioner and customer satisfaction.

All of the services listed below are offered individually or combined. You can choose whichever service fits the need of your organization. How do you know what you need? Take our Church Assessment!

Socia Media
+ Church Assessment Questionnaire

We are in the middle of critical times in our churches.


Due to the current pandemic, congregations are shrinking. Some are watching virtually and will not return to the church building at all.  

Choosing to recognize reality will place you in a much better position for retention! We want to assist you in finding out exactly where your church stands today.  Our Church Assessment Tool will ask the right questions to discover what is needed to take your church to a higher level. You will not only retain your members but you will also add new people to your congregation.

What is the impression made by your church when visitors go to your social media pages? Are your virtual services streaming with professionalism?  Are your leaders and volunteers adequately trained?

Whatever area the assessment determines you need assistance in...we are ready to provide the training necessary.  Contact us to see how this dynamic tool works. 

+ Social Media Management

Is your church, nonprofit, or for-profit business in need of a Strategist to manage your social media sites?


Faye Hill & Associates Social Media Marketing division can professionally manage full representation of your internet presence. We are able to increase and maximize your online visibility, through participation in social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, multi-media content-sharing sites, which are all uniquely designed to direct traffic to your website.


At Faye Hill & Associates, we customize Social Media Marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs, small businesses, for-profit companies, and church organizations to meet a multiplicity of social media needs. We accomplish successful networking campaigns through active participation in servicing a variety of blogs, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, networking clubs, associations, and other industry-related interactions and postings. At the time of a campaign launch initiation, we will identify pertinent and popular industry sites to frequent, along with relative social media sites to help identify customization needs for designing activities and campaign strategies for producing desired results.

+ Audio/Visual /Sound Engineering/Media
Sound Engineering

Audio and video clarity are some of the most vital aspects of creating a memorable and effective worship experience online or in person, in almost all church settings. A large percentage of churches in America utilize willing volunteers to work in audio, visual, and sound departments. Faye Hill and Associates can supply your church or organization with the expertise of our Certified Audio/Visual Engineers.


Our AV engineers are able to professionally assess individual sound and video needs and establish necessary perimeters conducive for optimal production. We take pride in training, mentoring, and supporting numerous church volunteers in the latest AV and online techniques. Our AV professionals are experienced at creating the best live mixes possible, within the scope of existing equipment availability.

+ Graphic Design

Faye Hill & Associates' Graphic Designers have created extraordinary content and materials for over 50 churches, throughout the United States and internationally. Our design team is innovative, forward-thinking, and are accomplished layout/design artists who creatively and collaboratively translate ideas, concepts, and messages into powerful and engaging visual expressions for print and digital platforms.


Our relevant and functional artistic expressions are strategically crafted to draw people into engagement and action. Our church ministry graphic design layouts are developed for various kinds of media outlets and are carefully structured to inspire growth in Christian discipleship. Our business-related graphic designs are generally directed towards assisting with greater brand awareness and social media presence maximization. Below are a few samples highlighting our work in ministry media design.

Graphic Design
+ Capital/Fund Raising & Project Management

Faye Hill & Associates' Capital Fundraising specialists have raised extraordinary amounts of financial resources to fund multiple megachurch projects. We have orchestrated fundraising campaigns from beginning to end. We have worked alongside Pastors and church leaders in conjunction with bank officials to secure financing for large-scale projects. We are skilled at initiating, organizing, structuring and restructuring, troubleshooting and implementing most vital aspects of capital fundraising campaigns. Our specialists are capable of handling most of the day-to-day details associated with fundraising. Our specialized services include:


  • Developing campaign organization and orientation materials that provide a step-by-step game plan for fundraising participants

  • Designing and ordering persuasive printed promotional materials that can be perceived positively

  • Coordinating communications and cultivating activities and events to inform and inspire people to give more freely

  • Organizing the enlistment and training of fundraising and administrative volunteers

  • Instituting a comprehensive fulfillment and follow-up system to increase the potentiality of reaching a projected financial goal

In short, Faye Hill and Associates can assist your organization with managing and directing an entire capital fundraising campaign from its inception to its completion, aimed at accomplishing desired results.

+ Customer Service & Leadership Development

Mastering the "Art of Service" can be identified through the stellar performances provided by Faye Hill and Associates to our own clients. We have established high-level service techniques to impact the corporate world and ministries by equipping them with top-notch customer-service training skills. The need for extraordinary quality of customer service is in high demand in church and business settings. Faye Hill & Associates satisfies this need with a unique, one-of-a-kind customer service training program delivered through our first-level employee/customer interactive workshops.


Our first-level program’s core component is based on immediate and consistent high-quality servicing centered on receiving and properly servicing church congregations and business customers. We also provide customized data-driven communication techniques to support follower retention and loyalty. This specific workshop trains volunteers and staff members to maintain and monitor social media platforms. This is a technique we use for attracting and engaging new visitors to expand online presence. Our specialty workshops have proven to be extremely successful in the US and Canada. We specialize in authentic customer service solutions for enhancing a church member's or business customer's service experience. 

Bringing in an expert from outside the church or organization to instruct those

in-house can pay great dividends. When external coaching is used, there is a higher degree of enthusiasm and learning that takes place. There is an interesting dynamic that happens when an outside coach is used.


Customer Service
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