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Master the Art of Giving

A New Groundbreaking Book

by Faye Hill


“It is the early paradigm’s tradition of “guilt-incentive operation” that is one of the causes of our Christian churches declining in the new millennium. Perhaps it’s not so much that we need a new way of marketing God, as we need a fresh new approach to taking care of keeping the lights on in HIS building.”

                                                                                                                                             Oleta Adams
American Soul and Gospel Artist/Pianist


Training and Consultation Services


Research reveals that well over 69% of church members become transient by leaving church congregations primarily due to substandard customer service! This shocking statistic suggests that nonprofit organizations and numerous corporations would benefit greatly from customized training sessions and consultant services offered by Faye Hill & Associates. Our company produces effective results because we train you on how to become your own solution! Upon completion of Faye Hill's diversified professional training courses, church members and business customers will receive exceptional service every single time they call or visit your organization.

To Book Faye for Training or a

"Master the Art of Giving" Workshop



Faye Hill & Associates was established in 2002 by Faye Hill, based on the premise that there was remarkably little or no customer service training available to churches.


The company's vision is to inspire churches to recognize that God wants His people trained to meet the excellent standards set for ministry.  Ephesians 4:12 states "to equip the saints for the work of ministry, building up the body of Christ." In other words, knowledgeable staff will serve with excellence, resulting in a satisfied congregation and thereby closing the proverbial revolving door.


"Mastering the Art of Giving" was written to train the members of churches on how to quickly raise funds without personally feeling a financial strain. This guide will assist church leaders with normalizing a process for member giving to meet their financial needs. The exciting reality is that the same process utilized by the church to meet its financial needs can also be utilized by members to reduce and eliminate their individual or household debt.


"Mastering the Art of Service" is the amazing workshop developed by Faye Hill & Associates to provide churches and small businesses with resources for advancing customer service to a level of quality and superiority. Faye Hill & Associates has provided training for numerous churches in the United States and Canada for over 15 years. Utilizing corporate platforms and customer service focused agendas, the company has developed and implemented strategies that have a guaranteed success rate.


Our group of highly-skilled consultants are qualified to assess the needs of any church and identify the necessary steps to take for improvement. Our company prides itself on providing measurable accomplishments. We strive to deliver the best possible full-service consulting that improves the overall quality of services received by parishioners and consumers.

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"Customer Service causes you to return when it is great and remember when it was horrible. We've all experienced it and sought to improve it. Sometimes it takes an outsider with solid expertise to give you the best evaluation and recommendations. Faye Hill is that person. Particularly for churches and small businesses, she has a DVD product and training module that you need TODAY to change your tomorrow!"

Pastor Carl Lavallais

Success Stories
Faye Hill & Associates

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